Our Team

Hamsa TV Mrs. Geetha M.R.

"Mrs. Geetha M.R., legally and rightfully owns HamsaTV since 1986. Every asset of the business is owned by the proprietress and owns the responsibility of receiving all profits(subject to taxation) and also all losses and debts."

Hamsa TV Mr. Rajendra Prasad M.J.

"Mr. Rajendra Prasad M.J., first cable operator of Karnataka established HamsaTV and expanded its reach to almost 17 districts. He is also responsible for managing operations, finances, public relations, company resources, and planning."

Hamsa TV Ms. Megha M.R.
Channel Head

"Ms. Megha M.R., being the channel head since 2015 in HamsaTV is responsible for recruiting, creating sales for the channel, designing market plans, publishing channel activities and much more."

Hamsa TV Miss. Hamsa M.R.
In-House Creative Head

"Miss. Hamsa M.R., being the creative head of HamsaTV extends her creativity with good control over the look, feel, and execution of the marketing campaigns of the channel."

Hamsa TV Mr. Dilip B S
Administrative Head

"Mr. Dilip B S begin the admin of Hamsa TV oversee the administrative operations of the business. With a good leadership skills he organises and coordinates with the team. With the strong knowledge about the industry and with his creative approach he stands as a pillar supporting the channel."

Hamsa TV Mr. Hemanth Kumar K.
Broadcast Engineer

"Mr. Hemanth Kumar K., being the broadcast engineer of the HamsaTV constantly maintains broadcasting equipment that effect a transmission's strength, clarity, sound and color at the transmission facilities that get our HamsaTV shows on air."

Hamsa TV Mr. Narendra D M
Editing Head

"Mr.Narendra DM being the editing head of the channel handles the complete editing team and is responsible for the quality and accuracy of content that is published or broadcasted. With his experience he guides his team to give out the best quality output and maintains the standards of the channel."

Hamsa TV Mr. Karthik Kumar G
Editor & Virtual Suite

"Mr.Karthik Kumar being an editor and incharge of virtual suite plays a key role in the post-production process and showing his skills in delivering quality final output."

Hamsa TV Ms . Kusuma H L
VFX & Graphics

"Ms.Kusuma being a VFX artist, supervisors create special effects, animation and do visual clean-up for commercials and gives a innovative output."

Hamsa TV Ms. Sahana S
Script Writer

"Ms. Sahana S , being the script writer of HamsaTV tends to involve in idea generation and research, planning, character development, and then writing every aspect of the script, from dialogue to stage directions."

Hamsa TV Mr. Murthy .N
Assistant technician & Driver

"Mr.Murthy N being an assistant technician works in the field during the shoots and helps the team with the necessary things needed."


"Ms. Poornima, Mrs. Bhavya, Ms. Sowjanya, Ms.Tejashwini being the anchors of HamsaTV are responsible for hosting the shows of the channel."

Hamsa TV
Ms.Poornima M V
Hamsa TV
Mrs. Bhavya
Hamsa TV
Miss. Sowjanya
Hamsa TV